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Member's Models


Glasgow Paddle Steamer
Alan Tidman Alan Tidman's paddle steamer "Glasgow".

Glasgow was built from a Graupner kit, with the smoke unit as an extra.
She looks the part on the water, and, leaves an unusual wake behind.

HL 69 Trawler
Steve Mason Steve Mason's Trawler "Margaret"

The Helen Artesania Latina (HL69) is a 1:20 model of a typical wooden fishing boat seen off the east coast of England and Scotland. The hull is ABS, she is 858mm long and complete with working radar antenna, and a most impressive engine sound system, from start-up to throttle running!
Built during Covid, she first sailed at MP in November 2021.

Peter Pallett Peter Pallett's
Ulises Tug

The Ulises is a 1:30 model of an ocean going steam tug operating in Europe and seen on the River Thames in the 1960s. An Occre model with planked hull and twin planked lifeboats. The wooden deck house is adapted with a hinged roof to demonstrate the internal furnishings. She has controllable navigation lights and smoke, plus a working radar antenna ( the plot in the deck house even showing the co-ordinates of Manor Park) She took several years to build and was first on the water in late Summer 2021.

Rob's Austin Seven
Rob Hudson Rob Hudson's
"1935 Austin Seven Special".

The chassis, engine (747cc) gearbox (4-speed with synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd & top, and the number plates are all original . Brakes are cable operated. Rob took 3 years to complete, with new bodywork etc. and on the road again in 2005. She cruises at 40mph.

She is his pride and joy, and is brought out occasionally in dry weather.

Flower Class Corvette
Dave Buttress David Buttress's Flower Class Corvette.

Model built in 2020, she looks superb on the water, when steaming at scale speed.

Wooden Steam Drifter
Bob Walker Bob Walker's Steam Drifter
(circa 1906/07)

Wooden steam drifter built and launched in 1989 to a scale of 1 to 24. Powered by 12v Decaperm motor. 2 channel radio with working lights, seagull sounds and smoke generator.

Alan Tidman Alan Tidman's boat, Jenii

Many people have seen these boats in use on holiday, as it is a kit built model of a Venice Water Bus (I think affectionately known as a Vapporetto) The seating on deck and in the cabin took two full weeks full time work to build!! She sails extremely well and looks the part on the water.

Milford Star
Bob Walker Bob Walker's Milford Star.

Built from the Cadercraft kit. Quote "When I obtained the kit several parts were missing" So Bob had to make several parts by hand!
Features working lights, smoke generator and steam whistle.

M.V. Sydney Star
Peter Pallett Peter Pallett's M.V. Sydney Star

1:200 scale model of container ship used on the Tilbury to Australia/New Zealand route, and in service until January 2003. She carried 1,334 teus  (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units). Built by Peter in 2013, from a Graupner kit; She is 1.14m long, but only 140mm in beam! Fully radio controlled, with both bow and stern thrusters, fog horn, and both navigation and/or deck lights with smoke available from the funnel. Great pleasure in berthing her safely alongside the quayside, using the thrusters to position and counter-act the variable wind and current.

Bob Walker Bob Walker's Polish Lifeboat.

The real boat, at the time of building, was still in operation in the polish port of Gdansk. Launched in 1993. Scratch built by Bob from plans by Keith Bragg.

Heather Bell
Alan Tidman Alan Tidman's Heather Bell

A Canal narrow boat as a 15 mm to the foot scale of an original boat used during the War.
She carried coal to Worcester and flour to Tipton, and was worked by a Mother and daughter, who were featured on Waterworld

Chrisp1 boat
Peter Pallett Peter Pallett's "pilot boat" Chrisp 1

An airfix wooden kit of air-sea rescue launch 520mm long. Built in 1982 on kitchen table as entertainment for then 7 year old son, Chris who won several scale steering events at Edinburgh Model Club. Boat rested from 1986 to 2011 when resurrected by Peter. First refit included hull sealing, updated electronics, decals and navigation lights fitted - the second refit in 2020 included deck planking, working radar antennae, brass railings, and more powerful motor!

Rugeley Princess
Alan Tidman Alan Tidman's Rugeley Princess

A canal narrow boat as a 15 mm to the foot scale model of a typical canal house boat.

The cabin top lifts off to expose the detail encapsulated in the model. Each window has individually made net curtains, note the colour TV in the living area, the sink taps etc.. But look at the detail in the bathroom, their is even a working toilet roll fixed to the wall! Living Area Bathroom

Casablanca Carrier
Peter Pallett Peter Pallett's USS Shamrock Bay

A lovely model, scratch built at 1/144, as one out of fifty of the light USA carrier Casablanca Class built and used by the US Navy in the Pacific, with the scale model aircraft, Grunman F4F Wildcats, bought direct from California in order to carry the correct markings for this vessel. Originally built by Brian Rogers and purchased by Peter Pallett in May 2019. Re-fitted and on water in June 2020 with a working aircraft deck lift, bow thrusters and smoke!

Micro Magic

Bob Walker Bob Walker's Micro Magic

A small "ready to run" yacht with carbon fibre masts. They manage to keep up with Victorias and are not only fun to sail, but easily go into the car boot!

Victoria 135
Peter Pallett Peter Pallett's Victoria 135

Standard Victoria model built in Summer 2011 by Peter Pallett to fulfil boyhood memories of sailing yachts as a schoolboy on the famous "Gosport Ponds". Yacht upgraded in winter 2011/12 with HouseMartin sails and rigging accessories. Number to commemorate his 135 Field Survey Sqn RE(V) TA days. Yacht and the club camaraderie gives great pleasure - quote "best thing I've done in years".
Yachting with a Victoria is 10% the boat, and 90% the transmitter operator!

Other non-water models!

Alan Tidman Alan Tidman's tank.

Believed to be a German King Tiger Mk.IV about 1943. Constructed in 1998 approx!



Several members possess the 6" diameter rotorblade helicopters for indoor flying. A useful pastime if you can't sail.
Last updated :
9th November 2021

email us at enquiries@rugeleymodelclub.org.uk
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