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Yacht Racing Results


Dragon65 racing

Part 1 - This year's Results

Part 2 - Yacht Sail Numbers

Part 3 - The Brian Rogers Challenge Trophy

Part 4 - Hints on Tuning a Victoria

Part 5 - Previous Year's Results

Part 1 - This Year's Results

Racing heats start on 1st April 2019 - see Calendar / Racing Timetable on left.

Sail Numbers

Part 2 - Yacht Sail Numbers

Sail numbers currently in use for Victoria and DF95 yachts for Rugeley and Aldridge Model Boat Clubs are collated by the two race co-ordinators.
Click on the image to download a pdf copy of the numbers.

Part 3 - The Brian Rogers Challenge Trophy

The Brian Rogers Challenge Trophy was presented to the Rugeley Power Station Model Club in late 2012 by Brian Rogers, a past Chairman and the then President of Rugeley Power Station Model Club.
Brian Rogers Challenge

Brian presented the trophy to promote the regular racing of Victoria Yachts. The winners of the Trophy are listed below :-

Year Winner
2018 Peter Pallett Peter Pallett
2017 No racing
2016 Peter Pallett Peter Pallett
2015 Peter Pallett Peter Pallett
2014 Cyril Horobin Cyril Horobin
2013 Cyril Horobin Cyril Horobin

Part 4 - Hints on Tuning a Victoria

The chart below gives some information about settings for various wind conditions when using a Victoria. Victoria Tuning
The information is provided by Ray Seta - Victoria 2424K(USA) and the chart is at the end of his seven page article "Time to get Serious with Tuning.". If you click on the link you can download a copy.

Note that the setting position is to put a mark 40 1/8 th inches up the mast.

Part 5 - Previous Five Year's Results

2018 Results

Victoria results 2018

2017 - No racing this year.

2016 Results

Victoria results 2016

2015 Results

Victoria results 2015

2014 Results

Victoria results 2014

2013 Results

Victoria results 2013

Click on the results to download a pdf copy of the results.
Last updated :
26th December 2018

email us at enquiries@rugeleymodelclub.org.uk
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