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Former Member's Models

(i.ea as members' of Rugeley Power Station Model Club)


Casablanca Carrier
Brian Rogers Brian Roger's aircraft carrier

A lovely model, scratch built at 1/144, of a light USA carrier Casablanca Class used in the Pacific, with the model aircraft bought direct from California in order to carry the correct markings for this vessel. Model sold at auction to Roy Marigold (AMBC) in late 2017 and then purchased by Peter Pallett (RMBC) in May 2019.
Vera G
John Magill John Magill's tug Vera G

An American harbour tug circa 1940-1960. Scale- 1/2 inch to 1 foot. Length 43 inches by beam 10 inches. Hull is moulded fibreglass. Powered by one MFA 12volt 6 to 1 reduction motor. 2 inch dia 3 bladed prop. Equipped with 6v lights. Looks good on the water at night!
Equipped with video camera mounted in wheel-house that is viewed from land on a small b/w TV monitor!

MT Moorcock
Bob Hall Bob Hall's Celia

Named "Mt Moorcock" she was first featured in Model Boats February 1980 Edition. The original tug was built in 1960 and scrapped in 1981. It operated on the River Thames out of Gravesend. The model was scratch built to scale - half inch to one foot. Plank on frame. Large model with overall length 57". Powered by MFA Baracuda 12v motor and 12v lead acid battery. It has working running lights, radar, home made smoke unit and working water cannons. The model was built some years ago and took just over 12 months. The tug was re-named Celia after my long suffering wife!

HMS Daring
Roger Master's D32 HMS Daring

A Type 45 Destroyer (HMS Dauntless served in the Faulklands). The real Daring radar dome on top of the samson mast weighs in a hefty 6 tonnes! Mine's made of balsa wood. Ship's length 152m, width 21.2m
Roger served on a previous HMS Daring as Engine and Boiler personnel. This particular ship D05 was scrapped in 1972!

Mike Ingry Mike Ingry's tug Ulises

The Ulises is a 1:30 scale model of an ocean going steam tug, common in the 60's and 70's. Merchant ships crossing oceans was not without its risks: and ocean-going tugs was vitally important. Metal was the basic material used in boat building with a percentage of wood. Builders took advantage of the strength of steel for hulls with wood used for the crew areas. This makes models of singular beauty despite the fact that they were working boats. Ulises is an Occre Kit with fully planked frame hull, African walnut deck and planking. She is 830mm long and 180mm wide, with lights and smoke generator.
Pilot Boat
Ian Foskett Ian Foskett's Pilot Boat

A Safehaven Marine Interceptor 42 Pilot Boat Built from a "Models By Design" kit, at 1:12 scale giving a 42"l; long model. Fibreglass hull and superstructure, powered by two 500kv brushless motors with independent control, power supply by 2 x 9.6v, 5,000 mAh nicad batteries, working navigation; search lights and interior lights operated remotely. A fast at-scale model on the water!

Gun Boat
Brian Rogers Brian Roger's Gun Boat

A 1:24 scale model of a Fairmile D motor gun boat. She has 4 motors, scratch built with added armour and white metal fittings.
Keith Sharp Keith Sharp's Hustler

A 1/10 scale Hustler Hellcat 6 wheeler. Built in 2008 whilst convalescing after major brain surgery. Started life as a full roofed model but was later cut back to make a hellcat after it was found the roof wasn't on straight! Fully radio controlled. (Note: Keith drives a full size home built Hustler. )
Keith Sharp Keith Sharp's Huntsman

Original builder believed to be Vic Smeed, a model boatr draughtsman, and given to Keith by a work colleague in a sad state of repair. It is a 1/8 scale Fairey Huntsman. Keith says this is the latest and final colour scheme! Running on 2 x 14.8v lipo batteries to 2 brushless motors the model now represents the true scale speed of the full size boat! It doesn't leak any more due to Keith covering the original hull in a glass-fibre skin! This model motors on the water with big wake!
Last updated :
15th July 2019

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