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The Lake and Patio Welcome to the Rugeley Model Boat Club, at our home at Manor Park Sailing Club, near Kings Bromley, Staffordshire. (We used to sail at Rugeley Power Station until it closed in March 2017!)
Peter Pallett Sail Bye -The Movie!
Peter Pallett Sail Bye
24th June 2024
The Lake and Patio
Drone view of the members assembled to remember Peter.
Scale models sailing by, Peter's dinghy on the shore.
The Peter Pallett RMBC Sail Bye was a marvellous day for everyone. Thank you to all those who helped by cleaning, painting and welcoming our visitors, including from Aldridge Model Boat Club. It even ran to the planned timetable. Fish and chips arrived, delivered by Paul Golder at 12.30 from the Queen's Chippy in Lichfield. There was almost no confusion, as 38 portions were distributed and eaten with few leftovers. The collection to pay for the fish and chips provided the extra funds to pay for the bench plaque.
There was the surprise fruit salad prepared by Susan Walton, which included at least 12 different kinds of fruit. Jackie Hookham, in her kitchen, gave us all a welcome and provided tea and coffee to all. The ladies had dressed for the sunny occasion and the faintest sailing breeze arrived. The wind was not enough for Keith Hill and his crew of the sailing dinghy "Peter Pallett" which was smartly rigged and left on the beach, despite the generous offer of a tow by the safety boat.
Audrey Pallett tugged sideways the Union Jack on the new, elevated, Cornflower Blue, RMBC member-constructed, bench to reveal the marine stainless steel plaque "Peter Pallett 1943-2024", thereby allowing the Sail Bye to start at 13.30. The largely DF95 yachts were soon on the water and sailing well, with Peter's old sail number 135 (from his 135 Squadron mapping army days) ably skippered by David Marsh. There was one Victoria yacht which fitted in well, without any tangles or anxiety. A brief race followed to the familiar format of, start at buoy number 1, and go twice round all the other yellow buoys clockwise, finishing at the start. This avoided any confusing discussions about Port and Starboard. Paul Gutteridge, sail number 440 won, after a very closely sailed race.
DF95s gathering for the start of the race.
The scale model fleet were keen to join and were shooed away until their 14.00 slot. They were a fast-moving group of mostly grey naval ships, with a few tugs and speed boats or cruisers. At some stage, a yellow, air propeller, driven boat whizzed around, failing to cause havoc. An austere grey naval trimaran, (a design which never caught on with the Admiralty) set off and successfully circumnavigated the island. This was a shame as the rescue boat crew were gearing up to prove their mettle, in the firm belief that the radio control signals only go where you can see. Peter's tug Ulises (spelt the Spanish way) was joined by its twin tug. Some additional features were demonstrated with authentic engine noises from one tug, and even a little boogie music from the beautiful model paddle steamer.
Some of the scale models.


We are a small friendly club that sail both radio controlled scale models and yachts on this beautiful lake. In the summer we have a marquee type sun shelter to protect us while saiing. We share the lake facilities with another Model Yacht Association club, the main dinghy sailors, SUPs, cubs, scouts and other affiliated groups who all enjoy the three big lakes, all river water lakes (The River Trent passes through the lakes.)


YachtersWe are an open club and sail many types of yachts around buoys for pleasure. Several members have scale models and these are sailed as well. In fact one of the best days after Lockdown was sailing seven types of yachts around our buoys! That is why we limit class racing heats to four on a day - and schedule the day on the calendar so you know what to prepare. We even have specific "mixed yacht days" Many of us have though settled on sailing the well-balanced DragonFlite 95's (DF95) yachts as they are suited to the winds at our lake. In fact a few members still sail the kit-built yacht class known Victoria's, but they prefer lighter winds, such as those found at our former lake at Rugeley Power Station. We have regular informal heats during the summer, competing for our RMBC annual trophies - great fun. Click on Yachts & Racing on left. See picture on right of some our members with their DF95s.

Patio_View One of the more enjoyable events is our annual meet with our friends from the Aldridge Model Boat Club. We first got to know them, many years ago in our Power Station days, when they were the former "Sandwell & Dudley" club. This friendly competitive day is great fun, and the first meeting of 2023 was on 13th May held at Aldridge in idyllic surroubdings. Eight yachts took part, with no dinghies on the water. The cloud cleared to revceal a hot blue sunny day, with variable winds - quite challenging. We managed six very competitive heats. In contrast the repeat event at Manor Park on 25th September was a blustery day, again with eight yachts, but only four heats were possible in the strong winds - two yachts having to withdraw due to damaged rigging! The heat results are shown at Yachts & Racing. The AMBC/RMBC Challenge winner in May was Sid Sims, and in September was Barry Salt. Roll on next year for the repeat events.

scale boatsIn calm weather we also sail our scale models, often built from scratch with fine details, often including "lights, smoke & horn!" Click on our Member's Models on left side to view some. We also have a couple of medium-fast electric model boats that sail. Rescue boat Our members have great confidence when sailing knowing that their models can always be recovered. Our rescue boat, shared with the other Radio Sailing Club, shown on the right, was bought with a fantastic grant from the Post Code Lottery Local fund - Thank you.


We sail nearly every Monday afternoon, throughout the year, often including Bank Holiday Mondays, and usually meet up with our sandwiches and a flask about 1230, have a sit down and chat in the clubhouse, then go on the water. We finish about 15.30 but we will often stay later in the summer. We have almost unrestricted access to the water on Mondays. As Mondays is restricting for those still in employment, some of our members in 2024 have started to meet on a Sunday morning. They need to be aware of our Operating Rules and that in the summer, the MPRSC have priority in the Training Lake.


Before joining it is best to make contact with the club and visit on a sailing day (Monday afternoons 1pm to 3pm) to see us inaction. Make contact by email enquiries@rugeleymodelclub.org.uk first, to ensure someone is expecting you. On your first visit you may be able to experience sailing the club yacht or one of the members will let you have a go with one of theirs.
Members pay a small subscription to our club, essentially to cover the required model boat insurance, but you need to join the main sailing club as category "radio sailor" first. See link "How to Join" on left of this web page.
A common question is "What's the difference between the two model yacht clubs?" The MPRSC use more sophisticated and much more expensive yachts, enter and host both National and International competitions, and go by the strict MYA rule-book! At RMBC we are much more laid back and just enjoy our sailing - We often quote "We go round buoys; so if you touch boats near a buoy - what's the problem?"
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email us at enquiries@rugeleymodelclub.org.uk
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